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Summer Programs

Student Exchange (SE) is excited to offer unique short-term summer programs for students to experience life in America. SE is currently seeking host families for the upcoming season. We invite you to open your home and embrace the opportunity to learn about new cultures during your summer vacation.

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3-Week Program Options

Summer Walk


California Vacation & Volunteer Program 

 (Groups with activities)

Students stay in dormitories,  and experience a mix of English lessons and visits to California's top spots: beaches, shopping districts, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood, and Santa Monica. Additionally, they spend 2-3 days weekly on impactful volunteer tasks like beach clean-ups, meal deliveries, toy drives, and partnering with local groups. 


Individual Immersion

(No planned activities)

Students live with an American host family. This is a special chance to understand how Americans live every day. By living with them, students can see, feel, and learn American ways. Every day, they are immersed with the family: eating meals, talking, and going to places the family enjoys. Summer in America has lots to offer. This experience helps students know more about American life and culture.

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